Bolk Warehousing

More than just transport

Bolk Transport has given shape to various aspects of logistics. Examples include taking over your own transport and planning, direct customer contact, with a combination of transport and transhipment, rental of logistics space and, of course, the combination of conventional and container transport. This saves costs and streamlines processes. Bolk is a reliable and innovative partner. Always interested in developing logistics services for each aspect of transport.


New developments

CTT and Bolk are taking things a step further with a public warehouse (26.000 m2) right next to the terminal. A side benefit of this is the closed chain it creates: the security and access control work together as a whole. Bolk has obtained an AEO Permit for the location of the warehouse. The unique location of the warehouse at Combi Terminal Twente also provides access to additional services such as gas measurement, ventilation and intermediate storage of loaded containers. Hengelo provides a fast and reliable connection to the European hinterland, based on principles of safety and sustainability.

Bolk also has 14,000 m2 of warehouse available at the T-Port Logistic Campus at the XL Park business park in Almelo.

Got a big project?

Would you like to challenge us? From exceptional transport to transshipment to trailer transport. Bolk Transport always devises and arranges the right solution for your transport requirement. We really do transport everything up to 150 tonnes by road. Or by water. In an extremely efficient way. Throughout Europe. For your transportation enquiry please feel free to contact us!

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