Bolk is a versatile international transport company with activities in various forms of transport and related services. By focusing on complex activities, demanding customers and specialist activities, we not only have to compete on price, but we can better guarantee our profitability and continuity.


The best way to remain a stable, healthy, independent, reliable and sustainable supplier, discussion partner and employer is to deliver quality and to organise and execute our services in a sustainable and safe manner. That is why Bolk continuously works on improving the management system that guarantees the quality, safety and sustainability of our work.

Quality management
In order to satisfy our customers, we have to deliver quality. Quality means that we carry out every assignment as agreed and meet expectations. With motivated and well-trained employees, we ensure that orders are carried out on time, without damage and according to order. Our employees not only have the right equipment and tools at their disposal, but also clear instructions, procedures and registrations. In this way, we ensure that our employees know what our customers expect from us.

Health and safety
Attention to safety, health and well-being at work is crucial. Bolk of course complies with all applicable laws and regulations and we ensure that all employees are properly trained and instructed to work safely and responsibly. Each Bolk employee is responsible for monitoring his or her own safety and that of everyone else. Any injury is unacceptable and must be prevented. Any incident or hazardous situation must be reported and investigated. In this way, we continuously work on the safest possible way of working.


In the execution of our activities, the environment is protected as much as possible and we limit the production of waste and emissions. We also take measures to reduce the use of energy and other resources.

Bolk expects an active and constructive attitude from all its employees in delivering quality in a safe and sustainable manner. In this way we guarantee a good future for our customers, our employees and our company.

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