ISO 14001

PLS Holding B.V. (Bolk) and its subsidiaries are a versatile international transport company with activities in several types of transport and additional services, mostly within Europe. through focusing on complex jobs, demanding customers and specialties which are not offered by everyone other we obtain a strong binding with our clients and decrease competition on price alone. In this way we secure profitability and continuity for our company.

To remain a stable, healthy, independent, reliable and sustainable employer for its motivated people, we deliver quality and organize and execute our services in a safe and sustainable manner. Bolk improves its management systems continuously, to improve and enhance quality, safety and sustainability.

Quality management

Delivering quality to our customers is the only way to keep them satisfied. Quality means doing what was agreed with and what is expected by the client in each and every job. In order to transport goods in time, undamaged and according to the assignment, we make sure we can rely on well trained and skilled employees with the right and reliable tools and equipment. This includes all working methods, registrations, agreements and measurements to ensure we do our work the right way. We make sure that all our employees understand the importance of meeting the clients’ needs.

Health and Safety

Attention to health, safety and welfare at work is crucial. Bolk commits itself to comply with all applicable rules and regulations. Every Bolk employee is responsible for safeguarding his or her own safety as well as that of colleagues and third parties. Any accident or injury is unacceptable and must be prevented. Any incident or dangerous situation with or without injury has to be reported and needs to be investigated closely. The investigation will give rise to actions to prevent a repetition or something worse.


Our activities not only need to comply with the needs and requirements of the market but also with applicable rules and regulations. All activities will be executed with respect for the environment. Bolk strives for reductions in the production of waste and emissions, and takes measures to use energy and natural raw materials sparingly.

Bolk expects an active and constructive attitude from all employees in delivering quality in a safe and sustainable manner as well as striving for continuous improvements. By this, we secure a good future for our company and our employees. The company will provide the needed means and support to enable this.

Bolk has a good name in terms of quality, safety and sustainability. We want to keep it this way and improve where possible. Every employee can contribute to this and every employee has an interest in this!