Bolk Transport has an extensive equipment fleet, which consists of, amongst other things, open semi-trailers such as a low-loader, euro low-loader, flat trailers and modular trailers. In addition to this, Bolk has a large number of covered semi-trailers, and exceptional transport and container transport are part of our extensive range of transport solutions. Naturally enough, the loader crane / crane tractor units, various forklifts and container chassis also form part of our transport equipment and/or facilities.

Bolk uses different types of trucks for the various types of shipment. Trucks with 3 or 4 axles provide more load capacity. Low trailers

The composition of our semi-trailer fleet means that we really can ship everything. Efficient and professional. No challenge is too great for us. From

Safe, efficient and uncomplicated Road safety is our main concern. Transport escorting is sometimes essential for this. We have our own escort vehicles, equipped

Got a big project?

Would you like to challenge us? From exceptional transport to transshipment to trailer transport. Bolk Transport always devises and arranges the right solution for your transport requirement. We really do transport everything up to 150 tonnes by road. Or by water. In an extremely efficient way. Throughout Europe. For your transportation enquiry please feel free to contact us!

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