The composition of our semi-trailer fleet means that we really can ship everything. Efficient and professional. No challenge is too great for us. From construction and industrial machinery, from a pallet of tiles to a windmill blade. With Bolk Transport everything is possible.

Conventional transport, tautliner, mega trailer: with our fleet of 90 covered trailers we transport all sorts or goods throughout Europe. With the most up-to-date

Our low-loader semitrailers, with 3 to 12 axles, are ideal for the open transport of wide, heigh or long loads. A low-loader semitrailer is

We also offer a wide variety of transportation options with our low loaders or Euro low-loaders (2 to 11 axles). A low-loader is suitable

Our vehicle fleet includes ‘beamtrailers’ (with 2 to 11 axles). The beam trailer makes the transport of various types of industrial machinery and shipping

Bolk’s flat trailers (with 3 and 4 axles) are double or triple extendible. This also makes the transport of long products such as industrial

For the special transport of windmill tower components and nacelles (the housing at the top of the tower) our ‘Specials’ are put into action.

Does your load need to be tipped? Need to have a container dropped off at your door or have one sent to a seaport?

Got a big project?

Would you like to challenge us? From exceptional transport to transshipment to trailer transport. Bolk Transport always devises and arranges the right solution for your transport requirement. We really do transport everything up to 150 tonnes by road. Or by water. In an extremely efficient way. Throughout Europe. For your transportation enquiry please feel free to contact us!

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