• Hub to Creil, the Netherlands

    This exceptional transport started in Germany where this hub, where the wings of a windmill are attached (6.56 x 4.63 x 4.01m, 60 tons) was loaded on our Nooteboom 2-bed-4 with pendle axles and a loading capacity of 62 tons, floor height of 40 cms and extendable up to 12.50 metres in the bed.

    After a stopover at the border near Oldenzaal, the trip was continued under escort to the destination, a windfarm near Creil, the Netherlands.

Special Transport 780 x 630 From harbour Spelle to Salzbergen, Germany

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Vessel transports Tankbuilder Holvrieka and Bolk Transport, for years a good

These locomotives of 38 tons each were transported onto 5-axle semi

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