Container transport

Flexible, efficient and professional

Bolk Container Transport provides the daily container transport as in-house carrier for Combi Terminal Twente in Hengelo. With about 30 of our own combinations and 10 regular charters, Bolk Container Transport ships all sizes of containers in a highly professional manner. The core business is the transport of shipping containers that arrive by barge at the Combi Terminal Twente terminals to their loading and unloading addresses in the hinterland. In particular the area within 75 kilometres of Hengelo. We use a well thought out ‘re-coupling’ system that permits loading and unloading without incurring waiting costs. Further, side-loaders and tilt chassis permit very efficient and flexible operation. Ideal for heavy containers or hard to reach places. And extremely handy for the customer.

Innovative and sustainable

Innovative and sustainable transport is an important part of our policy. Because we have several terminals, we can combine transport by road and water to the best advantage. We often use inland waterways and, in the long term, will also be using rail transport.

Long Heavier Vehicles (LHV’s)

Bolk Container Transport uses Longer Heavy Vehicles (LHV’s) of Eco-combis for transporting 1 x 20ft + 1 x 40ft of 3 x 20ft containers. This is the ideal way to move 50% more freight than a standard combination. This translates into lower CO2 emissions, less traffic congestion and more efficient transport. We have three LHV’s.


Do you need more time for the loading or unloading of 20, 30, 40 and 45ft containers up to about 30 tonnes or do you have no facilities yourself? Bolk Container Transport has two side-loaders. The ideal solution to your problem. Efficient and flexible.

Tilt chassis

Want your bulk cargo easily unloaded? Bolk Container Transport has various chassis for tilting 20, 30 and 40 ft. containers as well as a tilt chassis for 45ft high cube containers.

Got a big project?

Would you like to challenge us? From exceptional transport to transshipment to trailer transport. Bolk Transport always devises and arranges the right solution for your transport requirement. We really do transport everything up to 150 tonnes by road. Or by water. In an extremely efficient way. Throughout Europe. For your transportation enquiry please feel free to contact us!

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