Exceptional transport

Exceptional Transport

No challenge is too great for Bolk when it comes to exceptional transport. We distinguish ourselves in this thanks to our specific knowledge and experience in heavy transport and special transport to Southern Europe, Eastern Europe and, more specifically, Italy. Need permits, exemptions and escorts? It will all be arranged for you. An extensive assignment of 100 shipments or a one-off job? A weight of 150 tonnes or a length of 65 metres? Almost everything is possible. Bolk has been taking care of the most diverse array of transport projects for many years. Highly professional, creative and committed.

Reliable and professional

An excellent preparation is of course essential. Because no two exceptional transports are ever the same. The professionalism of our ‘Bolk People’ and our modern transport equipment means that we don’t back down from any challenge. For example, we have special forklifts in-house for exceptional transport. We really do transport everything up to 150 tonnes. From structural parts of bridges, machines and helicopters to wind turbine blades and large storage tanks. Throughout Europe. By road and water. Because we also have good contacts with the maritime world. We therefore provide the right solution in a very effective and professional way.

Got a big project?

Would you like to challenge us? From exceptional transport to transshipment to trailer transport. Bolk Transport always devises and arranges the right solution for your transport requirement. We really do transport everything up to 150 tonnes by road. Or by water. In an extremely efficient way. Throughout Europe. For your transportation enquiry please feel free to contact us!

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